All In-The-Box for Delphi

All In-The-Box for Delphi 4.0

Document viewer and PDF file creator for Delphi. Free deployment!
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All In-The-Box is a VCL component for creating documents programmatically and saving them as PDF files. Easy to use. No third-party software needed. It writes native PDF format.
Supports Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (Win32 mode). Source code in Delphi
language is available in option. ActiveX and DLL APIs are also available.
Your applications based on All In-The-Box can be freely deployed. No run-time licence needed!
A comprehensive programming interface (about 180 methods, properties and events) allows you to build up
sophisticated documents. Features:
- Style sheets with inheritance mechanism.
- Insertion of rich texts loaded from RTF files.
- Multi-line text fields with smart hyphenation, horizontal and vertical alignment.
- Supported field types: pushbutton, edit box, memo box, list box, combo box, check box, radio buttons.
- Support of style sheets.
- Links and JavaScript actions can be set on all fields.
- Powerful grid management system with cell drawing and filling methods.
- Customization of aspect and dimensions for every column.
- Geometrical drawing (lines, rectangles, circles, pies, polygons, Bezier curves, etc).
- Image management (all common formats accepted).
- Smart image stretching (preserving aspect ratio).
- Bookmarks (table of contents displayed as an outline tree in PDF viewers)
- Hyperlinks: internal, remote, external or Internet links.
- Annotations and rubber stamps.
- All paper sizes supported.
- Orientation may be changed inside a document.
- Encryption and protection: owner password, user password, security options.
- Global and partial page numbering system.
- Zoom, fit mode, navigation commands
- Customisable tool bar
- Explorer panel with search engine
- Page range,
- Printer selection.
- Dynamic paper tray selection.
- Printer settings (collate mode, color mode, duplex mode, print quality, shrink-to-margins mode).

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